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Attractions in Koh Chang

BORIWAEN YUTTHANAVEE (Naval Battle Ground) The Naval Battle Ground is a historical site where the French and Thai naval forces fought during the height of the French colonization of Indochina. The battle of 17 January 1921 is remembered. During the battle the Royal Thai Navy’s ship, Thonburi, was sunken. The Royal Thai Navy and the people of Trat province hold memorial services from the 17th to 21st of January annually by floating garlands onto the sea in honour of those who perished during the battle. The site is located near Ao Salak Petch. The wreck is now a popular dive site.

These are the 2 biggest community on Koh Chang. They are situated south of the island around Ao Salak Petch (Salak Petch Bay) which is the largest bay on Koh Chang.

The villagers are mostly fishermen. Ao Salak Petch is an ideal shelter for fishing boats. There are many piers that serve fishing boats as well as boats to neighbouring islands and Laem Ngob.

Ban Long Than on the west of the bay is the main residence of the community. A monastery known as Atulapornbanpot Monastery and the Salak Petch Temple are the focal points of religious affairs.Salak Petch is a genuine fishing village worthwhile of a visit. It represents the local way of life. Bungalows, food and drink stalls are found scattered around. Visitors rarely miss the Salak Petch Seafood & Resort which is popular for its fresh seafood. At present the roads are unpaved.

A project to link the roads around the island has been approved and soon Koh Chang will have a proper road-link around the island.

MOO BAN BANG BAO (Bang Bao Fishing Village)
The charm of this fishing village is the wooden houses which are built on wooden stilts embedded in the sea. Houses are connected by bridges.

The Bang Bao Bay has been a sanctuary for fishing boats seeking shelter from the monsoon for over a century. It has lately become a resort and recreation area with bungalows built on selected scenic sites, fine seafood restaurants that guarantee fresh daily catches and local shops of souvenirs.

There are some small resort bungalows in Bang Bao. Facing the sea, in front of the village houses, turn right and you will come across some small bungalow establishments followed by the 50-unit Bang Bao Cliff Cottages. Thatched-roofed bungalows are set on a cliff in terraces that descend to the shore. Clear waters and rocks here are enchanting and you can enjoy fresh seafood with a fascinating sea view.
Popular activities include swimming, snorkeling, fishing and lazing around!

On arrival at Ao Sapparos and while on the way up a steep road leading to the west coast, not too far from the pier, you will see the shrine of Chao Po & Chao Mae Koh Chang on the right. This is a highly revered shrine for both the locals and visitors.

CHAO PO KOH CHANG (literally Godfather of Koh Chang) has been a saviour to the Khon Kard (the original name of Trat people) for generations. In the past, when seafaring depends solely on sails with no support or help from the state, fishermen who often find themselves facing a strong monsoon, in desperation, and lost, seek faith and guidance from Chao Po Koh Chang.

Amazing stories of answered prayers spread and Khon Kard had since been loyally praying to Chao Po Koh Chang when encountering low yield from their harvest, sickness or other miseries. Those on the mainland will pray with joss sticks in the direction of the shrine


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